Perfect 5-star ratings (100%)

This was the perfect gift for my father. It was inexpensive, actually useful and my dad said "why didnt I think of this"
Alexandra G.
Love it I have a hotdog at the turn this will get me to the 10th hole quicker and no mustard on me
David D.
Great item! Going to make wonderful stocking stuffers!
Susan T.
Great product that was delivered promptly! My husband absolutely loved this gift!

Dog'on Caddy

You might not deserve a caddy, but your hot dog does!

it's Too Dog'on easy!

From Your Golf Bag

Your Dog'on Caddy is easily stored and accessible for that perfect moment when the need arises. Whether it be at the start of the round, at the turn or anytime while on the course.

To Your Cart

The Dog'on Caddy fits in the ball holder of your golf cart, allowing you to enjoy your hot dog for many holes to come.

To Your Travels

Easy storage and functionality, allows you to take your Dog'on Caddy with you, no matter the location of your next round. Check out #dogoncaddy to see where it has traveled or...share your own experience!

About Dog'on Caddy

The Dog'on Caddy is for every golfer, from a club member to a weekend warrior. The players who want to head out for a round with their buddies while enjoying a few beers and maybe some birdies. They may not have a caddie, but they most likely know the person driving the beverage cart by name. No matter where or how they play, some things never change and that includes enjoying a hot dog during their round.

You might not need a caddie, but your hot dog shouldn't have to play a round without one!